Michelle was born in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. She now calls Los Angeles home. She has been singing and writing  music since she was a wee one.  She studied classically all throughout high school and shortly after she moved to Vancouver BC and continued studying in Opera at Douglas College and University of British Columbia. In the early 2000's she decided to leave Opera and dedicate herself to writing original music and this all started with her very first band "Mercury Sound Cartel".  MSC was together 6 years. In that time they performed regularly and licensed several songs to various commercials, film and TV including 7 songs featured on the "L Word".


After Mercury Sound Cartel disbanded in 2005, Michelle wrote and recorded her first solo project "Glass". She performed in Vancouver and across Canada in several festivals, shows and TV appearances. Moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2008. In 2009 she signed an independent record deal with the American Label "Realize Records". In 2010, recorded her next full length record "So Simple". In 2012 played in Austin's SXSW. Immediately followed by a writing trip to Nashville, TN where she co-wrote  "I Came Alive" with Arlo Gilliam shortly after co-wrote with hit songwriter Jeff Trott (Sheryl Crow, Aimee Mann), together they wrote "Come Back", "Betting it All" and "All Good Things". In 2016 she released a EP under the name Sugarlight Crash, " The Lizand" co-written and produced with Christine Connolly and Kevin Savigar. Performed regularly around Los Angeles and shows in NYC, San Francisco, Maryland, Tennessee, Alabama & Vancouver. Over the years she also wrote & produced several songs for the "Just Slow Down" PSA Campaigns for the Canadian RCMP which aired between 2013 - 2019.


2014 up until today she has been writing and producing songs and original scores  for film/TV, jingles, meditation music and promotional videos. 

She co-wrote "The Best Christmas" with Jon Mullane in 2015 and it has been playing all over North-American on holiday music playlists and radio stations ever since. Available on iTunes and Spotify.

In 2018 Michelle is returning to a 20 year old passion project with Mike Soloman "Six Minute Escape"

She recently did the original scores and sound design and for the comedic web series "Shrink Wrapped" and shorts "Let's Not Talk about Syria"  & "Stalwart" currently in the 2018 film festival circuit.

She is a regular contributor of original ambient music for  & Shutterstock


Co-hosted of the podcast "Rockabyes" and up coming co-host with Chandra Scofield of "The Nowage Podcast" Available on iTunes  

More new music, a little magic and some surprises coming soon...💫

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